FM Sheet Metal is a complete sheet metal shop, fully equipped to assist in custom design, fabrication, and installation. We specialize in commercial heating and air conditioning, offering a talented staff and state-of-the-art equipment. The skilled craftsmen in our speciality fabrication department produce quality stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel projects up to 1/4" to your specifications. FM Sheet Metal also has an extensive customer service department.

Using the Best in Machinery & Equipment

At FM Sheet Metal, Inc., fabrication begins with our Iowa Precision Industries Fabriduct Coil Line. The Fabriduct Coil Line enables us to handle a wide variety of projects, from a small piece of ductwork to large commercial requirements. We are capable of fabricating and installing ductwork ourselves or fabricating ductwork to be installed by other contractors.

We strive for quick turnaround and, in most cases, offer 24-hour service for L-shaped straight duct at a significant cost savings. Fittings can also be supplied quickly. All of our ductwork is built to SMACNA standards unless otherwise specified.